Today’s challenges demand transformational thinking

The health and economic crisis of 2021 has highlighted some weaknesses and vulnerabilities in our global economic system. And it poses a couple of key questions for today’s decision-makers.

  1. Will our current business model survive and thrive long-term?
  2. How can we be a force for good and create meaningful jobs for all in ways that address the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time?

The business community has the power to move society beyond business-as usual and disrupt the systems that are no longer fit-for-purpose. COVID-19 has forced us to adapt quickly just to keep things going. But those that survive that challenge will need to put on a systems thinking hat and sharpen their innovative capabilities in order to flourish and grow into a future that will look very different to the past.

Where we come in

Our sustainability expertise spans environmental management; product/packaging quality and safety; employment practices including WHS and HR; sustainable procurement and business ethics. This scope provides a uniquely holistic perspective to help you find ways to do well in our complex and rapidly changing world. Established in 2002, we pride ourselves in our track record of building trusting and on-going relationships with a select set of valued clients in the private and public sector across Australia.

How we are different

Unlike traditional business consultancies we’ve moved away from one-off projects and competitive tenders. Why? For starters, outsourcing all the work to a consultant can be cost prohibitive for your business. The other downside is that internal staff may not take ownership of the results or implement the recommendations in the report.  The upshot is that – in both these scenarios – your hard earned cash has been effectively wasted.

Our far better approach is for the work to be done by your own people. Internal capacity is developed with staff undertaking various tasks guided by one or more advisory sessions at a duration you choose. If your business doesn’t have a staff member available to do the work and you don’t have time, don’t worry. We can fill that role if needed.

What kind of businesses are suited?

The short answer is all businesses. We can support anyone who wants to embed true sustainability into the core of their enterprise using the UK-based Future-Fit Business Benchmark to assess, manage and track the company’s progress. This consulting arrangement is ideal for purpose-driven start-ups, social enterprises and small to medium businesses seeking to manage a high rate of growth over a period of 1-3 years.

For mature and larger businesses our advisory sessions support staff who are implementing the internationally recognised management system standards ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO5001 and ISO22001. Our breadth of knowledge across multiple standards and benchmarks makes us uniquely placed to help you manage multiple risk and compliance issues in one, simple and effective integrated system (IMS).

The advantage of this approach

The benefit is that you receive the right advice in a timely manner, from a senior consultant who has a long-term interest in your success. Regardless of the size of your business, we’ll start off by looking at the big picture from a systems perspective. After a one-day workshop with your executive management team, you’ll immediately become aware of some blind spots that are sources of risk and missed opportunities. These powerful insights will help you build a better business.

Taking it further

There is no doubt you’ll want to implement at least some of the short-term improvement opportunities we recommend,  but you may not quite know how. That’s OK. Once we’ve got to know each other we can continue at your own pace with guided one-on-one advisory sessions at appropriate intervals.

A deeper dive into priority issues will help you build the systems to support sustained growth and a resilient enterprise that will flourish through the coming years.

My mission is to engage, inspire and motivate  groups of individuals to re-think, innovate and collaborate with others to take actions that contribute to fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s

Suzanne Orme – Founder, Enviroease
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