One small paradox

by Suzanne Orme

The notion that we are powerlessness to act in the face of global challenges is being questioned by forward-thinking people the world over.

Regardless of their role in society, more and more individuals are perceiving themselves as tiny parts of a greater whole, as citizens of the planet, governed first and foremost by natural laws and principles of universal. They are  exercising their freedom to make considered choices to live within natural planetary boundaries while considering their impact on others.

The paradox

This humbling realisation of smallness need not make one feel powerLESS. In many cases it leads to empowerMENT. As individuals with a common ethos, some people now perceive themselves as global citizens connecting with likeminded people living in any part of the world.

The fact that there is a transition already happening to this unstoppable idea is clear.  It is evidenced by this year’s rising up of younger people in the School Climate Change Strikes and the  Extinction Rebellion protests.

Western society is transitioning to a new era, hastened by a wave of eco-awareness combined with technological advancement and enhanced connectivity.

The 20th paradigm of “big is better” is being supplanted by “smarter and more efficient”.  It manifests in micro technology, small-localised markets and consumer choices to smaller, more efficient cars and houses.

As business leaders we need to be aware of an embrace these changes. The green economy has been assessed as presenting a $21trillion potential to 2030.

This article, originally published in 2016, has been updated to reflect events of 2018-19


2 thoughts on “One small paradox

  • Amanda
    October 24, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    Yes, ‘smarter and more efficient’ will definitely be an important way of thinking this century and education will be the key, already there is a shift in consciousness about sustainability, that seems to be deeper than just a fad or trend, that will hopefully continue and expand to all parts of the world – an environmental revolution!

    • Suzy Orme
      October 24, 2013 at 2:58 pm

      The fact that being more water/energy/materials efficient saves money is driving a lot of change right now. But there’s more to it than that. You’ve hit the nail on the head to say there is a fundamental shift in consciousness about sustainability and I also think its very inked in with education, particularly amongst younger people.

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