Is your business fit for the future?

By Suzanne Orme There are barriers preventing us from reaching a new era of harmony and balance – a state that must be ushered in during the 21st C if human societies hope to flourish forever on this fragile planet. Entrenched government policy and subsidies can be counterproductive and aimed at protecting the status quo.

Supply chain sustainability: 5 ways to exert your influence

By Suzanne Orme There are strong business benefits to be gained by understanding and managing the sustainability issues that are significant in an organisation or industry’s supply chain. Traditional procurement practices focus on price, product quality and on-time delivery – criteria that impact directly on the bottom line. However, through its various supply chain practices, an

A view from the inside

by Suzanne Orme Successful audits are a win-win for the community and for businesses wanting to prove to themselves and others that they do what they say they do . By examining a business from the inside out an auditor confirms that the company is meeting the expectations of all interested parties. Let’s think of

What makes effective training?

by Suzanne Orme Deciding how much and what type of health, safety and environmental  training to conduct in your workplace can be a daunting task. Here are 5 tips to guide you through the maze. 1. Focus on high risk Refer to the site’s Hazard/Aspect Register or Risk Register to establish the workplace tasks that

Do you possess these 7 leadership qualities?

by Suzanne Orme Leadership is the process of leading for change rather than stability. Great leaders possess a set of abilities that enable them to recognise the need for change, create a vision to guide that change, and execute the change effectively. The challenges posed by globalisation, resource depletion, growing global population and climate change

How do you take a life cycle perspective?

by Suzanne Orme While presenting a series of one day courses on behalf of SAI Global entitled “Preparing for the transition to ISO14001:2015″ I became aware that one of the concepts in the Standard is new to many people. Its the taking of a “life cycle perspective”. So, what does this mean? A life cycle is

Is your company at risk of waste dumping?

by Suzanne Orme Large fines, jail terms and damage to a company’s reputation can easily result from failing to effectively manage the risks associated with waste disposal in NSW. If waste is illegally dumped on land that is not licenced as a waste facility and harms the environment, the maximum penalty is $5million or a

One stop shock for Australia’s biodiversity

by Suzanne Orme The aim of reducing so-called green tape via a “one stop shop” for environmental approvals is counterproductive and likely to result in a more rather than less complexity for Australian business. While faster approvals will undoubtedly stimulate the economy, an inadequate level of community consultation is predicted to result in legal action

Post election carbon update

While the dust settles from the ballot box result on Sept 7, Australian businesses will need to stay tuned to developments in the carbon space over the next 12 months. There will be both risks and opportunities emerging from the large policy shift from Labor’s Clean Energy Futures package to the Coalition’s Direct Action Plan

Which office paper is the most sustainable?

With logging of old growth forests still a contentious issue in Australia and rainforest destruction continuing across the globe, companies and individuals need to think carefully about how to exercise their purchasing power if they desire a sustainable pulp and paper industry. Now that technology has enabled the electronic storage of documents, environment and sustainability

The importance of measurable targets

20 years after the Rio Earth Summit, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) this year released the GEO-5 report. Since the inception of UNEP in 1972 there have been an impressive array of international treaties about the environment, over 500 in fact. But do we know how effective these treaties have been and do they
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