Learn from the experts about environmental management, sustainability, risk assessment, pollution incidents and spills plus more.  We  make learning fun! Read our blog on what makes effective training.

We are passionate about what we do and will make sure the most appropriate level of training is planned and delivered to the right people.  No less or no more.
Customers that have received our training come back time and again because it is never “one size fits all”.  We specialise in tailoring the course content to fill gaps in knowledge and skills for each group of people. Let us engage, inform and inspire your staff!

One hour sessions        

This site specific course trains people in the company’s environmental or WHS policy, objectives and significant aspects or risks.  It ensures that people are aware of the potential impacts and legal obligations associated with the work they do and the procedures and equipment used to prevent or minimise harm to people and the planet.

Two hour sessions

1 A short, practical training session and annual drill for relevant staff customised to the specific workplace. In NSW sites with an EPA licence, this type of training forms part of the mandatory testing of the Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP).

2 Four concise and informative courses based on ISO standards and the company’s current systems and processes.  Choose from Environmental Law;  ISO14001;  Environmental Risk Assessment or Environmental Performance Evaluation.

Run one or more two hour sessions at your own premises for up to 12 people, on dates that suit you. Bundle three sessions together on one day for a 33% discount. 






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