The Global Carbon Project, budget report

The Global Carbon Project has released its 2012 carbon budget.

This is an informative update on greenhouse gas emission figures and analysis of trends. These latest figures reveal that despite 20 years of climate change talks and the global financial crisis and its aftershocks, carbon emissions have increased a massive 54% since 1990.

Observed emissions are tracking at the worst case IPCC scenarios making it even less likely that global warming will remain below 2degrees centigrade, the level that world leaders have committed to achieve.

The trajectory shows that the likely range of global temperatures in the year 2100  will be 4 – 6.1 degrees C. That is “without  immediate, significant and sustained global mitigation, with a probable reliance on net negative emission in the longer term”.

Lets hope our political and business leaders take heed.

Download the report at

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  1. Nice blog, thanks for sharing the info. Its not too often that you come across a blog post where the writer knows what they are ranting about. Grammar and spelling are spot on as well, only problem I seemed to have was loading the webpage, seemed slow. Looks like other posters had the same problem?

  2. Great initiative in leading discussion on this major global issue.

    But how do we get the political will and consensus to take this issue seriously? And if action is taken, what impact can this have to reduce global warming over the next decades?

    1. The encouraging result at Doha shows that the political will is gathering momentum, at least at the global level. Now that all political leaders are on board, there is a greater chance off success from the extended Kyoto Protocol. Whether this leads to deep enough cuts in the short term remains to be seen.

  3. Great blog to get updates on climate change. It appears that we are wasting so much valuable time to get things on the right track. It is depressing to learn that things are getting much worse with the increase in emissions. This now is a war and the enemy is one of the most formidable ones in human history: laziness and complacency.

    1. Good point Karem and added to the complacency and inertia is the deliberate misinformation and unverifiable statements spread by some print and electronic media. There is a war of words and the casualties are the evidence and facts.

  4. This report shows that CO2 emissions have increased. It doesn’t prove that human activity climate change………….There is more CO2 released from one large volcanic eruption than the total humans have released since the dawn of time.

    1. Tim, your comment that emissions from volcanoes dwarf CO2 emissions is a myth dispelled in2011 by research conducted by Dr Terrench Gerlach and published by the Americal Geophysical Union journal, EOS. The research estimates that between 0.13 and 0.44 gigatonnes of CO2 are emitted by volcanoes annually. This is100 to 150 times less than anthropogenic emissions of 36 gigatonnes. True, there is no definitive “proof” that humans are driving climate change but no natural phenomenon can explain it. Not even volcanoes, the largest natural source of CO2.

  5. As long as huge contributions to our pnitilciaos, legislation will continue favoring what makes the 1-3% wealthy families and big corporate executives wealthier. FreedomWorks(Tea Party) the front company for wealthy families like Koch Industries (Oil, Gas, and Chemical Billionairs) are going to see to it that it is business as usual for them in the USA.Top Contributors to Federal Candidates and PartiesInsurance: 2000-2010 Total $214,585,915Oil & Gas: 2000-2010 Total $155,373,800Commercial Banks: 2000-2010 Total $150,549,225Pharmaceuticals/Health Products: 2000-2010 Total $139,237,802Note:Halliburton, the company once headed by former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney contributed $15,500 to federal candidates during June, according to a Center for Responsive Politics review of their political action committee’s most recent campaign finance filing.That amount represents the third largest month of donations by the PAC this election cycle.The giving comes at a time when the Texas-based company is weathering a political storm for its involvement on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded on April 20 and sunk in the Gulf of Mexico, causing a massive amount oil to spill into the surrounding waters. Investigations are currently underway to determine how and why the spill occurred — and who should be held responsible — by Congress and the Department of Justice. Read Full Story: on Note:Tea Party Movement benefits from millions of dollars from conservative foundations that are derived from wealthy U.S. families and their business interests. Money flowing primarily through two conservative groups: Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks. FreedomWorks receives substantial funding from David Koch of Koch Industries, the largest privately-held energy company in the country, which make substantial annual donations to conservative org… sourcewatch.orgNote:Oil & Gas Industry, history of strong influence in Washington. Individuals and political action committees affiliated with oil and gas companies have donated $238.7 MILLION to candidates and parties since the 1990 (Bush Senior term) election cycle, 75% of which has gone to REPUBLICANS Former oilmen George W. Bush and Dick Cheney occupied the White House for 8 yrs, the oil and gas industry could not win support for repealing bans on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. However, Congress voted in 2008 to LIFTED BANS on offshore drilling (just before Bush & Cheney left the White House) Read full story at

    1. Sebastion,

      Your comments are interesting. An enlightened population that is in possesion of the real facts is the best line of defence against vested interests that wish to protect the status quo. I don’t think we’re going to see the end of political donations in the foreseeable future. But when the facts about climate change are well understood individuals are inspired to exercise their own free will make well informed choices and decisions. Lets put sustainability above politics.

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