Suzanne Orme (Suzy) , the founder of Enviroease, provides independent advice to business owners and managers to strengthen systems and build resilience.  She helps determine the social and environmental issues that represent the greatest business risks, cost savings and opportunities to add value.

 Even with benchmarks such as GRI to follow,  the contribution that each business can make to global challenges remains unclear.  Suzy will cut through the complexity and give you the direction, guidance and support you need along your company’s journey.

Both Suzy and her associate, Julie Dickson , are experts in  the latest management system standards for Environment (ISO14001.2015) and Occupational Health and Safety  (ISO45001:2018). 

They can help you improve system effectiveness with a gap analysis report or conduct audits of conformance in preparation for certification.  Read Suzy’s article about why audits are important.

All the training and workshops we do are grounded in adult learning principles. We recognise that adults possess a diverse range of skills and knowledge. Read Suzy’s article on what makes effective training.  Organisational learning sessions for individuals and groups are highly interactive and can be customised for each organisation.