Today’s managers are required to be across a broad range of risks such as Quality, Security, Food Safety, Workplace Health, Safety and Environment. Its a challenge to meet all the expectations of interested parties – customers, staff, investors, regulators and the general community.

As specialists in Sustainability Management, our consultants provide in-depth knowledge and skills to support organisations when adequate time or in-house expertise is lacking. We offer a fresh set of eyes to identify opportunities to enhance the company’s reputation, meet compliance obligations, cut costs and improve productivity.  All this in ways that benefit people and the environment.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability reporting helps organisations set goals, measure performance, and manage change in order to make their operations more sustainable. A sustainability report conveys disclosures on an organisation’s impacts – be they positive or negative – on environment, society and the economy.  The expert guidance from Enviroease will help your organisation to prepare a core or comprehensive “in accordance” report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability reporting guidelines.

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) Management System

Integrated management systems are essential to support an organisations’ desire to contribute to the environmental and social pillars of sustainability.  Our team are recognised experts in environmental, safety and quality systems with a focus on  ISO14001, ISO4801, AS/NZS18001 and ISO9001.  We can help design a simple system to suit your business needs and work with you to achieve continual improvement of HSEQ performance.

ISO14001 Structure




Suzanne and Julie are Accredited Advisors for the innovative on-line management system software, ecoPortal. This means that, should you secure a licence to use the software, we can develop a simple system for you using ecoPortal or migrate your current HSEQ system into ecoPortal to make your life so much easier.  To request a free demo and quote for your business, click the ecoPortal logo.

If your company is not already certified to ISO14001, working with us will make the process of becoming certified as simple and easy as possible. Our approach is to work alongside HSE staff giving just the amount of assistance needed to keep on track. We can get your system to the point where it is ready for a pre-audit by your preferred JAS-ANZ accredited certification body. Our goal is to help you achieve certification with the minimum time and effort.

If your Environmental Management System is certified to ISO14001:2004, your company will need to upgrade the system by early 2018 to retain certification. Enviroease are experts in ISO14001:2015 and can perform a thorough gap analysis with a report and recommendations on what  you need to do. To find out what the changes are click here.

HSE Management Plans.

To fulfil the requirements of ISO14001 (and the conditions of consent applying to construction projects) each site or project must have a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP).  Alternatively there may be separate plans or programs for  issues such as storm water, waste, energy, dust, noise, odour, heritage, flora and fauna, heritage and more.

Enviroease can assist you by:

  • Supporting staff through the process of identifying and assessing environmental aspects and impacts and the risk control techniques to be incorporated in the Management Plan or Program
  • Suggesting possible new environmental initiatives, defining improvement objectives and documenting the actions and responsibilities within the Management Plan or Program
  • Advising on avenues to obtain government assistance such as rebates, subsidies and carbon reduction certificates
  • Helping to save money by developing Management Plans or Programs such as our Resource Efficiency Program  covering water, materials and energy and our Carbon Reduction Program, a comprehensive approach to Greenhouse and Energy Management.
Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)

All sites in NSW with an EPA licence also require a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP. This document becomes publicly available and must include possible sources of pollution, a risk assessment, site map, procedures and annual drills.

Enviroease can assist licensees by:

  • Developing  a PIRMP that is compliant with the Protection of the Environment Operations Act (1997)
  • Updating and improving a site’s existing PIRMP
  • Conducting annual drills and training in Spill Response.
Audit and Assessment

Enviroease can act on your behalf conducting audits and assessments that are independent and at arms length from the internal staff who developed and implemented the system. In addition to specialising in the environmental field, we are in touch with a wide range of experienced and qualified auditors across Quality, Food Safety and Workplace Health and Safety. The type of audits we conduct include:

        • Environmental Management Systems audit or integrated HSEQ audit
        • Environmental Management Plan in construction and mining
        • Gap analysis against ISO14001; ISO9001: ISO18001: AS/NZS4801: ISO14064:1
        • Compliance audit against State or Federal Environmental legislation, licence, permit or approval
        • Verification of Greenhouse Gas Inventory or Report
        • Energy audit – Level 1, 2 or 3