There are strong business benefits to be gained by understanding and managing the sustainability issues that are significant in an organisation or industry’s supply chain. Traditional procurement practices focus on price, product quality and on-time delivery – criteria that impact directly on the bottom line. However, through its various supply chain practices, an organisation can positively or negatively affect the local economy, the environment and people – via its labour practices, level of product responsibility and policies regarding human rights and society in general. Some of the advantages of embedding sustainability considerations into procurement processes include: Reducing risks (reputation, legal, environment, safety, continuity of supply, traceability and quality) Achieving operational efficiencies and cost savings Building mutually beneficial supply chain relationships Demonstrating corporate social responsibility Achieving and retaining certification to  ISO14001:2015; ISO9001:2015 and ISO45001 The standard for Environmental Management Systems, ISO14001:2015, requires organisations to “determine environmental requirement(s) for the procurement of products and […]